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People everywhere have great things to say about our products. We love receiving your letters about our products and services. If you want to let us know how we did, you can always contact us or share your experiences on social media. We look forward to hearing your stories.

Your necklaces are beautiful and such god send to have a piece of my dad still here on earth with me! Thank you for what you do! Melissa - Bloomfield, Michigan
...Thanks for the beautiful Eternity's Touch necklaces which we wear in memory of my Mom with immense pride and love. These hold great meaning to us and we are comforted in knowing that she is always in our hearts. Danielle - Windsor, Ontario
The Eternity’s Touch catalogue has many unique options that provide comfort and personalization to our client families. Gwendolyn - Langley, British Columbia
I find whenever I'm thinking of my Dad, my hand immediately goes up to his fingerprint. If I need strength or comfort I feel like a part of him is always there. Leda - Windsor, Ontario
We have received numerous feedback from families who have shared very touching stories of how their keepsake print has consulted them during their grief Joni - Sault St. Marie, Ontario
The products are second to none and [Eternity’s Touch] stand behind those products 100%. Stuart - Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
My mother recently passed away in October of 2009. She had suffered greatly thru a very long illness and her death was a tragic experience for me. At her funeral two very good friends of mine gave me an Eternity's Touch necklace, and I have worn it ever since. It is a wonderful keepsake and reminder of my mother and the beautiful woman she was. I miss my mother greatly, and to have this necklace engraved with her personal fingerprint is very comforting. I know that a piece of her is with me always to give me strength and hope. I miss my mom so much that when my memories get over whelming I hold onto my necklace and remember there is a piece of her with me all the time. The pendant is gives a measure of solace and comfort during a difficult time and it is a beautiful demonstration of devotion to a beloved that has passed away. The best thing about the necklace is the beauty and simplicity of it. I would like to thank your company for being the provider of such a meaningful tribute. Karen - Wallaceburg, Ontario
I was just thrilled to receive my order. They are beautiful, the flat heart pendant is just the perfect size, and I know my sons will be pleased with the key tags. I am so very pleased with them. Glenda - Dartmouth, NS
I recently placed an order on Tuesday, and I want to thank you so much for getting it here so quickly. I was told hopefully Friday and it was here first thing this morning. I feel that more times then not we only ever hear negative things in life. So I want you all to know I love dealing with you guys and love your product. Thank you so much for your amazing customer service. Karen - Vermillion, AB
I just wanted to send a message to let you know how beautiful the 4 pieces were for the family. The family found them “stunning” and “perfect”. The family even had a few tears because they were so moved by the great attention to detail. Thank you to everyone in the Eternity’s Touch family. It is truly a privilege to work with such caring and creative professionals. Carley - Saskatoon, SK