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Hands holding Memory Tag made by Eternity's Touch

Frequently asked questions

We understand that you want this piece to be as wonderful as the memories you wish to cherish. We compiled some of the most commonly asked questions to help you craft that perfect piece.


What is an Eternity’s Touch Secure PIN?

An Eternity’s Touch Secure PIN is the unique number given to you by the funeral home that is associated to the fingerprint images of your loved one. This secure PIN is required to purchase fingerprint keepsakes through

How long will my loved one’s fingerprint be in your system?

All fingerprint images are held in a main archive for 10 years, and then are moved to a long-term archive. Essentially, we safely store the fingerprints of your loved one endlessly.

Will my Secure PIN expire?

No. So long as the funeral home is still opted-in to Eternity’s Touch website ordering, your secure PIN will not expire and can be used to place orders. If the funeral home who provided your secure PIN is no longer opted-in to website ordering, please contact them directly to place an order.

Do you share fingerprint images with third parties?

No. Eternity’s Touch does not provide any fingerprint images to third parties. All our images are archived in our own privately owned and monitored servers.

Do I get to choose which fingerprint image is used?

Unless specified with the director before the fingerprint images are taken, fingerprint images are normally taken by the funeral director with the intent to capture the clearest image. The most clear and detailed image is then chosen to be placed on your item by our highly trained and experienced staff.


Can you really ship products to me in 24 hours?

Yes! If the courier offers next day delivery in your area, and you place your stocked item order by 1PM ET and select Express shipping you will have it next day, barring any shipping issues. This allows us to provide you with your personalized unique keepsake by the visitation or funeral.

Can I get multiple items delivered to me for a specific date?

Yes! You can place a multiple item order online, and so long as they are all stocked items and are ordered and shipped within the appropriate amount of days in advance of the service. All items being shipped to a singular address will be bundled and shipped together. The great part is only one shipping fee for the entire package!

What is the standard care for keepsakes?

We stand behind each one of our products. We have always promised a unique and quality product, and will continue to do so.

We do, however, have a few care tips to ensure the longevity of your pendant. These unique keepsakes are worn more consistently than any other jewelry, therefore the wear and tear process can occur more quickly. The tips below will ensure the max life span of your pendant.

  • Keep away from direct exposure to makeup, perfumes, and lotions.
  • Do not wear in the shower, tub, pool, hot tub, or sauna.
  • Do not leave in direct sunlight.
  • If taking certain medications limit direct skin exposure.
  • Please do not use any silver cleaners or pre-treated cloths on the pendant; only use the micro-fiber cloth provided.
  • Please do not wear the pendant overnight. At the end of each day gently wipe with micro-fiber cloth and place in storage bag provided.
  • Please only ever gently wash your pendant in warm water with a phosphate free, mild dish soap.

The above care instructions are important for all Pendants no matter the metal, however, they are very important for all our silver and white gold pendants.

We rhodium plate all our silver and white gold to give it a brilliant white shine, and provide a protective later over the pendant.

Sterling silver specifically is known to lose its luster overtime. Even with the protective coating, and our silver being the highest .925 grade, this can still occur with time. This makes following the care instructions pertinent to long-term wear of these unique keepsakes.

Is the sterling silver and gold plated or pure?

All our metals are the highest grade available for their specific category. Authenticity of such is available where applicable on the back of the item with a stamp indicating its purity (e.g. 10K, 14K, .925).

Are your items nickel plated?

Yes, all our sterling silver is nickel plated to ensure surface consistency and durability. If you are allergic or have concerns we offer each product in an allergen-sensitive option, which has no nickel plating.

Are your items rhodium plated? Is there an extra cost?

Yes, all our sterling silver and white gold is rhodium plated to give it shine and brilliance.

There is no additional cost to rhodium plate pendants, it is included with the purchase of any sterling silver or white gold pendants.

Order status

How do I track my order?

Once the order has been completed and shipped you will receive an email with tracking details to the email address submitted when the order was placed. As well, you can access the order status page online, and with at least 2 pieces of info (Secure PIN, Order number, Postal Code, Email Address) you will be able to view the most current information regarding your items, including tracking when available.

How do I cancel or change my order?

If you have just submitted your order please contact us immediately. Unfortunately, due to the custom nature of each item, and the speed with which they are crafted, once an item is engraved we are unable to change or cancel any orders.

What do I do if I am missing an item from my order?

Please contact us and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to review your order and correct any errors made.

What day will my package arrive so I can be home?

The day on which your items arrive is determined by multiple factors including shipping method, your location, shipping complications, etc. Please follow the tracking provided in the email when your item was shipped, or online under Order Status. It is the responsibility of the receiver to ensure they are available when the package is delivered.

Shipping, warranty & returns

Do you ship to my country?

We will ship to any country serviced by our courier. The only terms are that outside of the United States of America and Canada you pay any duties or taxes on the ordered items.

What will it cost to ship to me?

Shipping rates depend on the selected shipping option, weight, and size of the items ordered. We cannot deliver to PO Boxes. The exact cost of shipping is determined during checkout when you have the opportunity to select the service level and its associated cost.

What is your warranty?

We stand behind all our products 100%. Specific details regarding our warranty can be found under Warranty & Restoration Plan.

Can I return or have my pendant replaced?

Due to the custom nature of each pendant produced, we are unable to process any exchanges. We do stand behind our products 100% and if you have a concern with your pendant contact us and one of our friendly customer service agents would be happy to assist you. More details can be found in our return policy page.

I received the wrong pendant, what do I do?

We apologize for the inconvenience of receiving the wrong pendant. If an order was not as you approved in the proof online please contact us and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to get this corrected for you.

Payment & billing

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Each shipment is required to pay the required sales tax for the state or province the item is being shipped to. Exact taxes we collect are calculated at the time of checkout.

I have a question on my charges?

Any questions regarding your invoice please don't hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to answer any questions.

What are my payment choices?

We will accept Visa, Visa Debit, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Discover and American Express are available for some affiliates.

When will the charges appear on my bank statement or account?

Charges will be sent to your credit card provider immediately at the time the order is submitted. When it will appear on your bank statement or account is determined by your bank standards.

When will the charges appear on my bank statement or account?

Charges will be sent to your credit card provider immediately at the time the order is submitted. When it will appear on your bank statement or account is determined by your bank standards.


How do I find products on your website?

The products can be found using the category tabs at the top of the web page. These tabs divide the catalog into several categories, and you can always check out our full catalog. In addition, different categories may be available on the home page depending on the season. If you are having any difficulty locating a product, please contact us and one of our friendly customer service agents will be happy to assist you.

How do I navigate your site?

Our site was designed to be as user friendly as possible. Everything you need to place an order, or gather information is on the home page. All the tabs at the top will help you to locate your perfect item, once you find it put in your secure PIN and begin crafting. Your shopping cart details will be tracked in the top right-hand corner.

Any questions regarding company, shopping, or helpful info are found at the very bottom of the page, along with our contact info.

Still have a question?

Feel free to contact us and let one of our helpful customer service agents assist you in making that perfect keepsake.