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Hands holding Memory Tag made by Eternity's Touch

Our promise


From our family to your family, we strive to ensure every piece is a keepsake you will cherish.


We continuously work toward developing an inclusive product that captures the uniqueness of every culture and every person.


Our family guarantees each product that goes out reflects the significance of each individual memory.

How are we unique

We are the pioneering company in digital capture and manufacturing of fingerprint keepsakes. Since 2009, we have produced over 100,000 unique pieces commemorating memories to last a lifetime. We believe that capturing and displaying the uniqueness of a fingerprint deserves the highest of quality. Our commitment to each of our customers is to provide exceptional service and quality for each and every one of our products.

Meet our family

Employee photo of Steve Bilodeau
Steve Bilodeau
Founder, 1962 - 2022
Employee photo of Chantelle Bilodeau-Seton
Chantelle Bilodeau-Seton, BA (Hons)
Chief Executive Officer
Employee photo of Eric VanDamme
Eric VanDamme, BMOS
Chief Information Officer
Employee photo of Frank Reeb
Frank Reeb
Chief Operating Officer
Employee photo of Chelsea Bilodeau
Chelsea Bilodeau
Executive Director of Customer Care
Employee photo of Rachel Doptis
Rachel Doptis
Customer Care Associate
Employee photo of Jessica Cruse
Jessica Cruse
Customer Care Associate
Employee photo of Cheryl Bilodeau
Cheryl Bilodeau
Customer Care Associate
Employee photo of Michael Carter
Michael Carter
Goldsmith + Art Director
Employee photo of Makayla Apter
Makayla Apter
Lead Production Associate
Employee photo of Angelina Trepanier
Angelina Trepanier
Production Associate
Employee photo of Danielle Ellis
Danielle Ellis
Production Associate
Employee photo of Kelly Bechard
Kelly Bechard
Production Associate
Employee photo of Cecilia Rutter
Cecilia Rutter
Employee photo of Brandon Galbraith
Brandon Galbraith
Accounting + Purchasing Manager