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Hands holding Memory Tag made by Eternity's Touch

Our partners

Westminster Funeral & Reception Centre
Westminster Funeral & Reception Centre +1 416 665-2015
5826 Bathurst StreetNorth York, OntarioM2R 1Y6, Canada
Bernardo Funeral Homes
Bernardo Funeral Homes +1 416 789-7661
2960 Dufferin StreetNorth York, OntarioM6B 3S9, Canada
Delmoro Funeral Home
Delmoro Funeral Home +1 416 249-4499
61 Beverly Hills DriveNorth York, OntarioM3L 1A2, Canada
DeMarco Funeral Homes
DeMarco Funeral Homes +1 416 636-7027
3725 Keele StreetNorth York, OntarioM3J 1N4, Canada
Highland Memory Gardens
Highland Memory Gardens +1 416 493-9580
33 Memory Gardens LaneNorth York, OntarioM2H 3K4, Canada
Jerrett Funeral Homes
Jerrett Funeral Homes +1 416 223-6050
6191 Yonge StreetNorth York, OntarioM2M 4K4, Canada
Mount Pleasant Group
Mount Pleasant Group +1 416 441-1580
275 Lesmill RoadNorth York, OntarioM3B 2V1, Canada
Mount Pleasant Group
Mount Pleasant Group +1 416 221-3404
160 Beecroft RoadNorth York, OntarioM2N 5Z5, Canada

Not seeing your provider?

It's possible they just don't know about our product. Please contact us and we would be happy to contact the funeral home and provide them information to assist you in ordering your crafted keepsake.

Interested in becoming a partner?

We offer many great benefits for you and your client families. If you are a funeral home owner and would like to become an Eternity's Touch partner or have more questions about our services, please visit our Contact Page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.