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Serenity Swirl Egg

Serenity Swirl Egg

The classically designed Serenity Swirl Egg is a beautiful handcrafted work of art, which incorporates your loved ones remains into the intricate swirls of this masterpiece. With the ability to have the cremated remains swirl with your chosen colors, this item can also be crafted using our patent-pending photoluminesence, creating a truly unique piece of art.

Because of the complexity of the product, it is highly recommended that all orders for this product be directed to your funeral home.

Approximate size (in): 2.16 x 3.23

* Please note all sizing is approximate as each item is handcrafted and can vary in size and thickness slightly from item to item

Our Warranty


Only available at your funeral home

Because of the complexity of the product, this keepsake is only available through your funeral home.