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Serenity Glass

Large flame during Serenity Glass manufacturing.

Every Serenity Glass piece is handmade with respect and dignity; fusing the borosilicate glass with the ashes of your loved obne in a luminnous and long lasting art.

What is Serenity Glass

Serenity Glass is manufactured by reknowned artisans known for their work and showcased in the first ever borosilicate coin. These keepsakes are exclusively provided by Eternity's Touch.

Cremated Remains

When you place your order through the funeral home, you will be given the option to have a small part of the cremated remains added to the glass. The cremated remains are sent to us securely and safely by your funeral home while respecting the diginity of the decedent.

Color Options

We offer a range of color options for Serenity Glass. You can choose between Galaxy themed design, multi-colour, opaque, and transparent options. Add luminescence to any of our pieces..


The Galaxy is a signature offering which the ashes become the infinite stars in the universe.

  1. Galaxy pendant with planetGalaxy pendant with planet
  2. Galaxy pendant without planetGalaxy pendant without planet
  3. Galaxy pendant at nightGalaxy pendant at night

Multicolor Options

  1. Amber-Purple sampleAmber-Purple
  2. Blue-Green sampleBlue-Green
  3. Caramel sampleCaramel
  4. Deep Purple sampleDeep Purple

Opaque Options

  1. Black sampleBlack
  2. Aqua sampleAqua
  3. Deep Navy sampleDeep Navy
  4. White sampleWhite


  1. Blue sampleBlue
  2. Clear sampleClear
  3. Green sampleGreen
  4. Pink samplePink
  5. Red sampleRed
  6. Yellow sampleYellow


Luminesence can be added to any Serenity Glass keepsake. The Galaxy keepsakes automatically include this feature.

  1. Luminesence during the day sampleLuminesence during the day
  2. Luminesence during the night sampleLuminesence during the night