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Grandparents taking silly selfies with grandchildren


With photographs, you will always be reminded of those special moments you had with your loved one. There is something special about having a visualization that just cannot be captured with words. We offer photographs, both engraved and printed, for many of our products.

Prepare your order for a photograph

Preparing your photograph is easy, but not necessary. Our dedicated staff of production associates will ensure your product looks great.

Choose the photograph you want

In the age of digital photography, photos are plentiful and already perfect to be used on our website. But even if it isn't a digital photo, you can still use it on our system. Once your photo is selected, just make sure it meets some criteria to ensure a great keepsake.

The photo is of sufficient resolution and not blurry. If there is an original, consider using that instead of the modified copy. We recommend minimum 100dpi.
The photo has great lighting. Everything should be well lit and clear to see. Avoid images that have been whitewashed or were taken in the dark (e.g., without the flash).
The photo orientation matches what you are looking for. For example, avoid a portrait orientation for a landscape oriented frame as it might not leave enough room along the edges.

Digitize the photograph

If the photograph you want to use is not already digital, you will have to get it as a digital copy first. You can use the scanner and your computer, or you can use the camera on your smartphone.

Using your scanner

If you prefer to use your computer and scanner, simply scan in the document as a JPEG at a recommended 300 dpi. On some scanners, it may simply be listed as "High Quality" or "Photo" mode.

Using your smartphone

You can also use your smartphone to capture the photograph. Using the built in camera, simply take a picture of the photograph. The key is to make sure you have good lighting and that you take the picture as straight on as possible to avoid any distortions.

Using Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft has released a program for smartphones called Microsoft Office Lens. This app is really cool because it will flatten the image for you when you take a picture ensuring that that distortions are at a minimum.

Office Lens for iOS Office Lens for Android

How we prepare the photo for engraving

When it comes to engraving, we take a few steps to ensure the image will look great - mainly by removing the entire background so that the person becomes the clearest portion of the image.

By removing the background, the engraved photograph will appear much more clearly on our keepsakes.

We take great pride in ensuring all your photos looks great, whether printed or engraved. We also are the only company to provide keepsakes with the printed photo already inserted into your keepsakes so that they are ready for wear right away.