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Eternity's Touch jewelry being engraved with a fingerprint


The fingerprint is a unique attribute of every individual. The life of each person has significant impact on how that fingerprint will change over time. Whether you remember the gentle touch of your Mother's hand, or worn down, caloused, feel of your Father who worked a physically demanding job - you will be able to see and feel their touch in our keepsakes.

How it works

Eternity's Touch is the pioneering leader in digital fingerprint keepsakes since 2009. Our process is highly tuned to ensure that in time of grief, we can bring comfort with personalized fingerprint keepsakes in time for the visitation and funeral service.

From fingerprint scan to engraving

We accept fingerprints of all types - whether it be in ink, clay, or digital format. Most of our partners use our secure digital process to capture fingerprints. This process is entirely contained within Eternity's Touch scope of operation - you can be assured that no third party gets access to fingerprints.


The fingerprint is captured using our specialized software, CaptureM, by Bluetooth or camera.


The fingerprint is securely transferred directly to Eternity's Touch using strong encryption.


Eternity's Touch processes the fingerprint for great looking fingerprint keepsakes.


During processing, Eternity's Touch assigns a Secure PIN to the fingerprint that can't randomly be guessed.


When you place your order, that Secure PIN brings up the fingerprint, ready to craft your fingerprint keepsake.

Security of the fingerprint

We understand how sensitive and private fingerprint data can be. That is why we spend a lot of time ensuring that our processes keep that data private. We follow the latest best practices and are continuously improving our process to ensure the fingerprint is safe and secure.

When the fingerprint is scanned, we only require anonymous data that cannot associate the fingerprint with the person.
Fingerprints are only transferred with encryption. All digital communication with Eternity's Touch makes encryption the default.
We only use long-term supported operating systems and software ensuring that the data is always protected from the latest threats.
Fingerprints are never sent by email to Eternity's Touch, nor do we send it by email unless requested. Email is not secure.
Our Secure PIN has built in security features that ensure only those authorized to order fingerprint keepsakes can. No guessing.
If the fingerprint is no longer required on the device, it is automatically removed. Once it arrives at Eternity's Touch, all other copies are destroyed.