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Authentic Signature

Handwritten text blending into a metal engraving.

Use the handwriting or signature from a sentimental card or letter and have it placed on your pendant, frame, or ornament.

What is the Authentic Signature

The Authentic Signature is a unique way to personalize many of our fingerprint keepsakes with something uniquely your loved one.

Like the fingerprint, handwriting is a one of a kind attribute that every indivudal has - each with its own style and message.

Most people choose their loved one's salutation such as "Love Mom" or "Love Always, xoxoxo". Whatever you prefer, you can make your fingerprint keepsake a treasured piece, cherishing the life of your loved one.

How to Prepare Your Order for an Authentic Signature.

In order to process an Authentic Signature design, there are a few steps that you should take to make sure it will look great when you receive it.

These steps only take a few minutes to complete.

Choose the Handwriting You Want

First find the handwriting you are looking for. Many popular suggestions include letters, notes, and birthday cards. You can also use legal documents and credit cards to get your loved one's Authentic Signature.

Digitize Your Document

To submit your Authentic Signature to us through our website, you will need to digitize the document. There are two very easy ways to digitize a signature; first you can use your scanner to get it into your computer; alternatively, you can use your smartphone camera to capture the image. Once you have the handwriting scanned into your computer, you can proceed to the next step.

Using Your Scanner

If you prefer to use your computer and scanner, simply scan in the document as a JPEG at a recommended 300dpi. On some scanners, it may simply be listed as "High Quality" or "Photo" mode.

Using Your Smartphone

You can also use your smartphone to capture the handwriting. Using the built in camera, simply take a picture of the handwriting.

The key is to make sure you have good lighting and that you take the picture as straight on as possible to avoid any distortions.

Using Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft has released a program for smartphones called Microsoft Office Lens. This app is really cool because it basically will flatten the image for you when you take a picture ensuring that that distortions are at a minimum.

Enhance Your Authentic Signature (Optional)

If you want to enhance your Authentic Signature before submitting it to our site, you can follow these steps. You don't have to, we do all these steps for you on receipt of your order. But if you want to see a more accurate visualization of your product, just take a few moments and be amazed at the results.

Crop the Image

Open the photo in your favorite editor. This can be as simple as Microsoft Paint on a Windows PC, or Preview on a Mac. Your smartphone also likely has a photo editor built in as well. At Eternity's Touch, we love using the GIMP because it is both free and supports a variety of formats. Most software uses the same process:

  1. Selecting HandwritingSelect the handwriting you want to use, copy the selection, and paste as a new image.

Boost the Contrast

Some software packages offer the ability to change contrast settings. If you are using a different program, like the GIMP, you can easily adjust the contrast quickly. Most software uses the same two step process:

  1. Maximizing ContrastIncrease the contrast to the maximum level. Adjust brightness until you are left with a simple black and white image where the handwriting is well defined.

Now you have optimized your image and your live preview of your crafted piece will look great! Again, you don't have to do any of these steps. Our talented production associates will make sure your Authentic Signature will look great by doing all these steps, and more!

Upload to Your Crafted Piece

All that is left to do is craft your perfect piece by uploading the image to our website. Your Authentic Signature will now be permanently engraved into your fingerprint keepsake.