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New Products: Available with Fingerprint + Text or Authentic Signature.


Fingerprint Keepsake Jewelry

We at Eternity’s Touch strive to provide the most comfort we can to grieving families with our unique and genuine fingerprint keepsake jewelry. Through our collection, we hope to offer solace for families and provide the knowledge that loved ones will forever touch their life and leave a lasting legacy for eternity.

Eternity’s Touch Inc. is the proud provider of the only “patent pending” process that digitally captures, transfers, and creates an exact replication of a person’s fingerprint. Our “Eternity’s Touch Collection” consists of an array of custom designed pieces, and we strive to create unique keepsakes that resonate with each of our customers to help foster a deep emotional connection. By capturing unique fingerprints, our pieces are able to build a lasting reminder of the bond you share with your loved one and create a legacy piece for generations to come.

Our Heart

At Eternity’s Touch, we promise to provide our products with unparalleled integrity and quality and are committed to building relationships based on trust and customer satisfaction.

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We are pleased to offer our catalogue, showcasing the Eternity’s Touch Collection and customizable designs. Feel free to browse through our catalogue, viewing our products.

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We are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. View testimonials from customers who have found comfort in the unique designs from our collection.

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